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Discover incredible quality organic cannabis, grown locally in Massachusetts.

Cultivating Love & Light

Rhythm of Life Cannabis is a family owned Cannabis Cultivation company created by Kristofer Artz, Brett Hansen and Sara Williamson. Based in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, Rhythm of Life Cannabis was established in 2020. ROL aims to consistently provide cannabis users with a variety of high quality strains and clean manufactured products to consume and enjoy. Artz has developed a state-of-the-art technique to grow each strain to their fullest potential. Our top priority is to cultivate and create luxurious, unique products that no other cultivation in Massachusetts is creating. Artz was born and raised in Colorado and has brought his expertise from growing in Colorado to the East Coast. ROL has a perfectly dialed environment to ensure each plant receives exactly what it needs to flourish. No matter the cause for consuming cannabis, ROL has something for everyone to revel in. Rhythm of Life is Luxury Cannabis, Done Right.

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Rhythm of Life Cannabis generates top quality products that will enhance your life with any method of cannabis consumption you choose. ROL honors the versatility of cannabis and its benefits. We produce a wide range of consumption methods including: flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, etc. Whether you are a new or an experienced cannabis user, we have something for everyone to luxuriate in. ROL is dedicated to producing nothing shy of stellar cannabis products.

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