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With flower being the root of every cannabis product, ROL growers dedicate their time to carefully cultivate every plant methodically. We grow a variety of strains that have unique effects categorized into three different categories known as, indica, hybrid and sativa. Even though the THC potency can be the same, the effects and feelings are very different depending on which category your strain of choice is categorized in. Indica is great for soothing the mind, body and soul; usually best consumed for resting times as this puts you in a deeper state of relaxation, it is perfect to be consumed before bed. Sativa is great for awakening the mind, energizing the body and uplifting the soul; usually consumed in the morning or during the day to enhance creativity, the outdoors and social settings. Hybrid is a mix of both effects, depending on the strain some hybrids are more indica-dominant and others are more sativa-dominant. No matter which strain you try out, be sure to savor the aroma and admire the glistening trichomes of every nug grown by Rhythm of Life.

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