Our Ethos

Unity Achieved Through Creation


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Rhythm of Life just keeps things simple and lets weed do all the work. The magic is in the plant and ROL just brings it out. We believe in doing less, better. We pride ourselves on taking care of the people involved with ROL and are more than just growers; we are a family and a vibe and it shows from every aspect of our weed: to the warehouse, to the website, to our merchandise, to the way to live our lives. This vibe radiates in all of us and is our lifestyle. It truly is the essence of the Rhythm of Life and once people feel this tune or “hit” this weed, they can’t turn it off.

Consume Consciously

It is important to us with what we consume and put into our bodies and we relay those same high standards into our products for consumers as well. We only use organic, all natural products from the time the seed arrives to us until the end of creating our pure, exquisite and safe products for you. ROL fully understands what each stage of the process needs to succeed beginning with the seed and ending with the product to consume. From us hand cutting clones off mothering plants to have the best specimen selection, to slowly curing the plants to preserve the potency and flavor you love, and then finishing with hand-trimmed to perfection cannabis; we do not force or rush any part of the process. We have a love and gratitude for growing cannabis that the plants feel and absorb.

Our Logo

Rhythm of Life has deep rooted values in the garden and production space filled with loyalty, gratitude and passion. Rhythm of Life created a logo that uses the Flower of Life to replace the letter “O” in “ROL”. The Flower of Life symbolizes creation and unity. It is used to remind everyone that: we are all built from the same blueprint and all come from the same source. It is especially important to everyone who created Rhythm of Life to share the love and light embodied by that symbol.
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